DETAILS YOU SHOULD KEEP IN MIND:- Most important one: I won't accept any kind of hurry because of the pain I suffer sometimes in my hands and arms. Remember that quality needs time so, be patient.
- This year I am studying and also working during the week and weekeend, so my work time in commissions could be reduced due to this, so more patience will be appreciated, YOU WILL 100% RECEIVE THE PIECE so avoid asking for updates because this can make me feel pressured and art quality can get worse. You will receive WIPs as soon as posible. (In case that I took more than 2weeks/1month sending updates, feel free to ask about them, I will happily share the procces of your art).
- English isn't my mother language, is Spanish, so it's better for your description to be brief and clear.
- I won´t work with empty or new accounts to avoid scams.
- I will always work with solid character references, no with halfmade references to avoid any kind of delay or missunderstaning problem.
- Only ask for a slot if you are 100% sure of what you want to get in your commission.

PAYMENT:- I never send invoices because I am not a self-employed. This is my hobbie so I can only send you my paypal mail or link.
- Payments could be done as "service" but I will always appreciate them to be done as "friend or relative” to avoid problems because as said, this is not my main job, is just my hobbie.
- Full payment must be done before I start working in your commission. In case that the ammount is over 150-200€ I would accept payment plans.

CONTENT:- My strengths are dragons and fantasy creatures, but I'm always happy to step out of my comfort zone. Remember that no matter the content is, I won't draw it in any other's style but mine.

I WILL DRAW:- Anthro & Feral
- Artistic nudity
- NSFW I feel confortable with like suggestion, bondage, ... (feel free to ask about this point)

I WON´T DRAW:- Cub, pedophilia, inflatio, vore, multiple vaginas/penises/breasts, bara, extreme obese, gore, face cum, water sports...
- Any kind of fetishes I consider extreme (please ask before nothing!)
- Anything that makes me feel uncomfortable.

WORK:- You must provide visual and clear references. The more references you send, the more precise I can be. If the reference leads to misunderstanding I will not admit complaints.
- You´ll receive the commission procces in this way: sketch -> lineart -> base colour -> shading -> final piece.
·Pose changes will be accepted only in the sketch step.
·Once the lineart is done only small changes will be accepted (fixing errors).
·On the colouring process only 2 changes will be accepted as max. If you want more you have to pay a price of 5-15% of the total price depending how complex are those changes.
·Once reached the lineart or coloring step any changes in the lineart will have an extra cost.
- Your picture will have at least 2000px in one of the sides and will be 300ppp. Stickers on the contrary, will have máximum 512x512 size, no more.
- If you need an specific size or resolution please let me know before I start with your commission.
- If you want artistic freedom, the same rule that you just read will apply.
- As said before I start my work only after full payment or in case that the amount is over 150-200€, once the first payment is done.
- I rarely do my commissions in the order I receive.
- My own mistakes (markings, etc. ) will be fixed without any extra cost.
- Asking priority (because a timeline to give the final art as present, etc) in a commission will have an extra cost, the amount will be original price+%35 of it.

ARTIST RIGHTS:- I can use rejected sketches for pieces for future works.
- I will refuse service or cancel a commission to those who are exceptionally rude, extremely indecisive, can´t communicate clearly or have been known to back charge commissions once completed.
- I can cancel a commission and depending the reason, payment will be fully refunded or in part.
- I will alter and change my Terms of service as I see fit.
- I will publish the artwork in my public gallery, portfolio, etc.

CUSTOMER RIGHTS:- Your piece won´t be published if you don´t want to (please let me know before I start working).
- You can make prints of your art only for personal use.
- You can publish the finished commissions always crediting me.
- You can´t edit the final work, no matter if it is edited by you, another artist, AI, etc.
- You are not allowed to use the piece for comercial use (merchan, nft, etc).

-My signature must be visible in each printed ilustration
-Art will be have an extra cost

Once readed all...If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to send a PM to my social sites. I will answer as soon as posible.If you have claimed a slot for a commission, no matter the type, you authomaticaly are accepting every point in this ToS.

- Claiming a slot does not mean that is authomaticaly yours. Payment must be done first for that.


-Backgrounds price can vary depending what you want to get.
-Clothes, props, wings, extra: tail, wings, arms, feet, etc. Will have extra cost.

HEADSHOTBase colour -> 15€
Cell shaded -> 25€
Soft shaded -> 35€
Detailed -> 50€

HALFBODYBase colour -> 20€
Cell shaded -> 30€
Soft shaded -> 40€
Detailed -> 60€

FULLBODYBase colour -> 35€
Cell shaded -> 50€
Soft shaded -> 60€
Detailed -> 70€

CHIBICell shaded -> 35€
Soft shaded -> 45€
Detailed -> 60€

VITRAL ART1 Character -> 25€
2º Character -> +15€
- Backgrounds 5-10€

STICKEROne character price:
1 -> 8€
5 -> 37€
10 -> 72€
2° character +5€/each sticker

REFERENCE SHEETOnly base color• Base price-> 90€(Includes: Heashot, front/back view, name, gender, colour palette)·Extra details you want to add could be discused to fit a price·

ENVIROMENT· 1 room -> 50€
· Extra room -> 30€

HALFBODY: Between 35€ - 65€
FULLBODY: Between 50€ - 100€
BADGES: Between 30€ & 50€ (A5,A4,A3)